(You Had Your Chance And) You Blew It

I guess you never knew what you meant to me,
my one and all, my ying, my yang, my soul-mate chemistry.
I’d lay down my jacket, lay down my life, for you I’d catch a star.
Hearts consumed with jealousy were destined to tear us apart.

Better to have loved and lost.
Better to have and let go/than to hold

You had your chance and

You blew it.

Bust-ups, break-ups, arguments and fights.
Italian fire and passion – sweet, sweet reunion nights.
You were real hard-work, I was a jerk, umpteen other reasons.
But I couldn’t stand the pain after you handed me my freedom.

Better to reign in Dante’s Hell.
Better the Devil that you know.

Gave you a second chance and


©12.4.2016 Andrew Robert Chapman

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