(You) Intoxicate Me

I dreamt about yo—u, the other night.
As it was before you left me. Before our fight.
I dreamt about yo—u, it seemed so real.
I can still see your green eyes. And hear your squeal.

I dreamt about you, it was so real I swear.
I dreamt about you, it was like you were there.
You were talking and laughing, just the way that you do.
I could smell you.
I could touch you.
You were talking and laughing, you were so close to me.
So I touched you.
Then I kissed you.

And we fell into eachother’s arms.
No inhibitions and no qualms.
Your kiss took my breath away.
I was intoxicated.
Just like it used to be, babe,
I was intoxicated.

Intoxicate me.
Intoxicate me.
Intoxicate me.
Ohh Baby,
you intoxicate me.

I couldn’t get enough nor believe my luck.
And when I opened my eyes, I was still at your side.
See your jade-green eyes, feel your hot begging sighs.
So real it seemed,
it was no dream.
Closed my eyes once more, intensify it all.
So just kiss me.
Intoxicate me.



I could feel your soft skin, your long legs, your pure sin.
Let my hands feel the way, erotic, skin-on-skin.
And your passionate kiss. Intoxicating bliss.
Fulfilling desires.
Stoking my fires.
So in my love-locked dream, I watched you wriggle and scream.
Feel you shaking.
(You were. You are.)

You intoxicate me.
You intoxicate me, even in my dreams.
You intoxicate me.
Your kiss steals my breath.
Your body leaves me speechless.
The way you move dazes me.
Amazes me.
In my dreams, you and me.
You intoxicate me.

©1.7.2011 Andrew Robert Chapman

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