Project WildscreW

We are your Wildscrew tonight!
We are tonight’s Wildscrew!
We are the best Wildscrew!
We are the original Wildscrew!
Are you having a good time with this Wildscrew?

ONE, TWO, WILDSCREW! (song count in)
Song Title (Melody Code Name)

… for our next song we’re just gonna go marchin’ in …

(Rock ‘n’ Roll) Revolution (Overdose)
… anyone here wanna revolution? Well we’re gonna give ya’ a ROCK ‘N’ ROLL REVOLUTION!

… this is a song all about deceipt, deception, double-dealing, underhandedness and treachery. This is a gothic rock song. This is ADULTEROUS!

Ballbreaker (Ice)
… this is a cock and ball story! This one’s for all you BALLBREAKERs out there!

Beast With Two Backs (Running)
… ok, you school kids can tell your teachers tomorrow, that you listened to a rock-band playing some Shakespeare. With a hat-tip to Othello this one’s called …

… this is a song all about the beautiful american mountain lion. Oh yeah! But it’s also a song all about a beautiful woman who likes to seduce men who are half her age. This one’s called COUGAR!

Demon Eyes
This one was co-written by me and myselves. This one’s called DEMON EYES!

Down The Rabbit Hole (Bank of America)
This is for all you tin-foil-hat wearign conspiracy theorists. We’re going DTRH …

Free Fall(Sad But True)
… this one’s all about the sinking feelin’ you get when your lover leaves you. This one’s called …

… any gold diggers in here tonight? This one’s for you …

Heartbreaker (Thunder)
… I’ve seen one or two in here tonight! You know who you are, and this song’s for you, you HEARTBREAKERS!

Hold You In My Arms

… this next song was inspired by my wife. IRREPLACEABLE!

… this is a song all about those ladies we men hate to love! Any Jezebels in here tonight? (Feel free to knock on our hotel room door later). This one’s for you …

Last Man Standing
… this is a song all about cowboys and cowgirls, whips, riding and … stuff. This is called LAST MAN STANDING!

Love Nor Money (Sad But True)
Lucky at cards, unlucky in love. This one’s for all you poor singles out there. This one’s called LOVE NOR MONEY!

Misery(End Of Beauty)
Love kills you slowly. Here’s a song all about that. This one’s called MISERY…

Nothin’s Gonna Change
… a tragic love song. This one’s called …

On My Own
… this is Mr. Wild’s favourite little number – apart from 69. From our album with the same name, this one’s called …

… this is all about sex, drugs and sex-n-drugs. This is called PAINKILLER

Promiscuous(I Am)

… this is a ditty all about a little honey bee. Bzzzzzzzzzzz. Nah. This is a song about young love, if you blokes know what I mean. This one’s called STUNG!

The 51st State (No Concept)
… the “New Model Army” already wrote a song with this title but, because the UK politicial leaders apparently can’t ever get their fucking tongues out of the POTUS’s arse, then we thought the sycophants needed another reminder. A political statement, this one’s called …

The Beginning Of The End
… a sad love song. This one’s called …

… this so is soooo BAD it’s UNTRUE!

Walking On Air
… a feel good love song. When you’re WALKING ON AIR …

Walpurgis Night
… this one’s all about the mystical, supernatural, otherworld of witches, banshees, elemntals and spectres. This is WALPURGIS NIGHT …

Writing On The Wall(Shot In The Night)
This is a wake-up call to all you Slombies. This is all about the Writing On The Wall …

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WEB Concerts?
YouTube (etc.)
SMS your encore song at concert

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