Treacherous stab-in-the-back, y’knife twists deep in my heart.
Kicking me when I was down, how quickly my world fell apart.
I’m not sure when it began, but you’re planning out the end.
You say you’ve got your reasons, but I don’t understand.

I signed in blood, you signed in dust. (Adulteress)
You’re double life, betrayed my trust. (Adulteress)
The last to learn, you don’t care less. (Adulteress)
I must confess, I never guessed. I should’ve guessed!


Kicked in the teeth again, you’re putting it about the place,
so I’ll bite the silver bullet, it ain’t no more disgrace.
You’ve got time on your si-de, but-no-time for-me no-more.
Guess I’m a two-time loser, to A two-timing whore.



(You know) you’re more addictive – than-a-high-on class A drugs.
I overdosed on you I – couldn’t get enough.
(But) I still crave my fix and – you are still my lure./I am still your fool.
I’m gonna come down soon, guess – then it’s – kill or cured.


Looking back it’s oh so clear what-went-on-before my very-eyes.
Makin’ sense of all your actions, packs of lies and alibis.
I can’t say that it helps much, but I’m a wiser man.
I’m making plans without you, you’re just an also-ran.

You played around, well play away. (Adulteress)
What worked a treat, will work both ways! (Adulteress)
I live and learn ‘n’ you’ll never guess. (Adulteress)
I must confess, I don’t care less. I don’t care less!


©9.3.2013 Andrew Robert Chapman

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