$Album: Writing On The Wall

    Alternate album titles:

On My Own – from the song of the same name.
Screwing Around.
Hard screwin’/Screwin’ Hard.
Hard and Dirty
Loud and Dirty
Hard, Fast, Loud and Dirty
Rock and Bust
Hard and Bust / Hard, Dirty and Bust
A long time cummin’
Dirty Rock
Filthy bitch – dirty X-sex (filthy rich – dirty excess)
Six Inch Tales
Greatest tits.
Loud ‘n’ lewd.
Balls ‘n’ Ballads.
12 of the Best.

The song lyrics linked to this page have been freed from password access, and thus viewing protection, as there exists an extensive computerised history of lyrical evolution and audio development which will be used to defend copyright issues.

    TO DO
    Beast With Two Backs

Intro. timing – esp. music start – dig out example.
Chorus support.


Chorus support. EASY MEAT and GONNA GET TAKEN OUT.

    Free Fall

Start – Erich first into pre-start, Thomas play melody and joins on second part, before verse.
Chorus support (2 voice harmony)
Solo needs to be longer – over both “bridges” (bleed into vocal at start and end?)
Intro melody inter-twined with vocal outro.


Erich verse support good.
Erich Chorus? Too lame/quiet.
Erich bleed into 2nd verse from bridge.
Erich (18.12.) supported final (quiet part) verse – sounded good!


Chorus support.

    On My Own

Chorus harmonies.


Chorus support.
Erich’s solos (higher tones?)
Erich slides on chorus were good (18.12.)

    The Beginning Of The End

End of first chorus unclean.
Chorus harmonies (2/3 voices)
Bleed from solo into last verse good (28.12.)
Bleed from bridge to solo missing (dig out example).




Maybe incorporate Thomas’ ALPHA solo?

    Writing On The Wall

Chorus support.
(More aggressive intro solo (sustain and bends))

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