Better Than The Devil (You Know)

Six-sixty-six, the number of the Beast,
so give him a call. Today!
He likes his hellish games,
you’ll squirm with pleasure and pain,
Yeah, he’s not half as bad as many people claim. (black as painted)
If he’s not hot enough for you,
I’ll tell you what you should do:
Give ME a call day or night.
I got everything you need,
I’ll make you beg and plead,
no blood-signed contract for the time of your life.

I won’t tell a soul. I won’t break my word.
Yeah, I’m hotter than Hell – More evil than the Devil.
I am the life and soul and I’ll break your heart.
Better than the Devil. You know I’m too hot for you, girl! / Is that hot enough for you, girl?
I’m gonna stain your soul. I’m gonna change your world.
Yeah, I’m hotter than Hell – Better than the Devil.
I won’t steal your soul, but I’ll break your heart.
More evil than the Devil. Is that depraved enough for you, boy?

(More evil than the Devil.) Hell yeah!
(Hotter than Hell.) Can’t ya see?
Better than the Devil – you know I’m a sinful debauchee!
More evil than the Devil.
Hotter than Hell.
Better than the Devil.

You know I’m evil!

You’re young and fresh in town,
feelin’ lonely and down,
don’t wanna blow away your Saturday night?
Well don’t sulk and mope,
trust me, I know the ropes,
I’ll bind and tie you up then lash you just right.
You’ll make my wet-dreams come true,
I’ll tell you what you’ve to do,
so when you go down just keep it right up!/ when you go down I’ll be keepin’ it right up!
Know all your lusts and fears,
I’ll make you smile and squeal,
a real gentleman ‘n’ base bit of rough. / who plays dirty rough.



Hell – I’m illegal!

Your every earthly sin, forever to relive
till the smile’s washed from your dirty face. You disgrace.
Confess your dark desires and burn in all Hell’s fires
Flames lick eternal at your flesh. (Your flesh! Oh ye-s)

Earthly sin – relive – your face. Dark desires – Hell’s fires – your flesh.


©17.8.2012 Andrew Robert Chapman

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