Hotter Than Hell – Original

the number of the Beast,
so give him a call today.
He’ll play his hellish games,
so don’t come on lame,
else he’ll make your life misery.
If he’s not hot enough for you,
I’ll tell you what to do,
give me a call any night.
I got just what you need,
so get up off your knees,
you won’t have to pay for this ride.

I won’t break your heart.
I won’t steal your soul.
But I’m the hottest coolest/smokin’ number you can call no toll.

I’m hotter than Hell.
Hotter than Hell.
Hotter than Hell – so don’t/I won’t kiss and tell
I’m hotter than Hell.

So you’re fresh in town,
feelin’ lonely and down,
don’t wanna waste your Saturday night.
So don’t sulk and mope,
trust me, I know the ropes,
I can fix everything right.
I’ll make your dreams come true,
and all you’ve got to do,
is call me, so just look me up.
I know just what you need,
make you smile and squeal,
makin’ sure that you get more than enough.

I won’t tell a soul.
I won’t break my word.
But I’m the hottest coolest/smokin’ number this side of the world.


©17.8.2012 Andrew Robert Chapman

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