This song proved to be a Beast to write, with the first verse being swiftly constructed and, more or less, in the same form now as then (although the current first verse was the second verse of the original). But the rest of the lyrics took an intensive couple of months to hammer out to the state that they currently have.
The song itself is a frivolous macho “I’m irresistable and all women love me.” thinly veiled in a shallow God/Devil cocoon. The song originally had many Devil based incarnations (see Discards) the theme being retained to the final version. The parlando at the start of the song was added recently and should be said in a solemn, preaching, biblical voice. The bridge which ends the lyrical part of the song, relates more to Devil worship/a black mass. Thus the parlando (Godly) and bridge (Devilish) enclose the wanton mortal (flesh being used in both to emphasise the transient nature of our lives) promiscuous behaviour, implying that the loose and immoral behaviour leads away from heaven and to Hell. But the song’s bridge is also constructed in that Hell is just a contuation of the mortal conduct and so not such a bad thing.
The parlando at the start of the song is just a jumble of biblical passages. The bridge was originally intended to be chanted in a gregorian chant style and was thus written in the style of biblical writing (old English).
Verse 1: How quickly the young and innocent can be lead astray. (strapped down=bondage, ride=sex, screwed=sex/cheated/drunk, screwed, blued, and tattooed=taken advantage of, tricks=sexual favours, playboy style=pornographic behaviour).
Verse 2. How great/macho the singer is. (gagging=deep throat fellatio, go down=fellatio, cummin’ thick and fast=(lots of) male ejaculation, itch to scratch=sexual intercourse. There are a few references to AC/DC’s Bon Scott (master macho lyricist). “Go Down”=the AC/DC song of the same name. “I’m at your call day or night.”=”Call me anytime/Nagging at you night and day” (from the AC/DC song “Dirty Deeds”, which is then mentioned later). “Satisfaction guaranteed”=from the AC/DC song “Live Wire”.
PreChorus: Are (tongue in cheek) descriptions of giving the woman an (excessively good) time in bed.
Chorus: Culture! “Beast with two backs”=sex, as written in Shakespeare’s “Othello”.

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