Cougar! (Original)

Prepares herself with feline grace,
knows all the tricks, not just a pretty face.
Shadows chased away, surely stalks alone,
searching for fresh meat in her hunting zone.

Driven by hunger – she’s whet her appetite.
Eyes on the younger – ‘cos they kick and fight / taste just right / don’t take flight.

Cougar (cougar cougar) – subtle feline style.
Cougar (cougar cougar) – living all nine lives.
Cougar (cougar cougar) – big pussy cat.
Cougar (cougar cougar) – likes her puppy fat.

On the prowl, got you in her sight,
lies in ambush, eyes burning bright.
Moving softly, pounces on her prey.
Goes straight for the neck, take your breath away.



Feel her teeth sunk in, feel her claw and scratch,
she’s a frenzied beast, she’s a wild wildcat.
You’re just easy meat: She takes you down.
You’re just easy meat: Hear her purr and growl.
You’re just easy meat: The tasty dish of the day.
You’re just easy meat. You’re real child’s play.

Cougar, cougar – she’s on the prowl.
Cougar, cougar – she’ll hunt you down.
Cougar, cougar – catch you every time.
Cougar, cougar – like a wild child wild.

©2.2.2012 Andrew Robert Chapman

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