If looks could kill, then
pound / maul
independent / powerful
on all fours
cat’s whiskers
come within a whisker
unmarked tawny body
and the leopard shall lie down with the kid (BIBLE)

Day and night, always shows feline grace.
Elegant, her class shows a feline grace.

She’s on the prowl you cross her line of sight.
Planning out her ambush, cats eyes burning bright.

Sinks her teeth into your body; feel her claw and feel her scratch.
She’s a frenzied, wild wildcat: An untamed beast loose on your back.

takes you down, licks flesh from bone / to the bone
You get taken down, all the way
She’ll makes it hard, it’s child’s play
Single blow Take you down with one blow, down all the way
/ You feel her bite, you feel her scratch

Moving softly, she’s smelt her prey.
Goes for the neck, take your breath away.
/ (Going down) feel her blows,

Cougar, cougar – catch you every time.
Cougar, cougar – like a wild child wild.

Licks her cubs like puppy fat.

for pause / poor / hunger calls
Rapaciousness her second nature raptorial preying
Elegantly fit to kill, cat walk and feline grace.

Gonna get taken down by a cougar.
She stalks alone, in her hunting zone.
Gonna get taken down by a cougar.
you’re just her prey.
Gonna get taken down by a cougar.
Lickin her lips,

Cat Expressions

a fat cat
a grin like a Cheshire cat
a scaredy-cat
All cats are gray in the dark
be like a cat on a hot tin roof
be the cat’s whiskers
black as a skillet
busy as a beaver
cat can look at a king
cat got tongue
Cat got your tongue?
cat has nine lives
cat in gloves catches no mice
conceited as a barber’s cat
Curiosity killed the cat
dead cat on the line
fat cat
fight like cat and dog
fraidy cat
Has the cat got tongue?
have a cat in hell’s chance
It’s raining cats and dogs!
It’s raining pitchforks
let the cat out of the bag
like the cat that got the cream
look like something the cat brought in
look like the cat dragged in
look like the cat that swallowed the canary
Look what the cat dragged in!
Look what the cat’s dragged in!
mad enough to kick a cat
not enough room to swing a cat
play cat and mouse
play cat and mouse with
purr like a cat
put the cat among the pigeons
rain cats and dogs
raining cats and dogs
room to swing a cat
see which way the cat jumps
shoot the cat
sling the cat
smiling like a Cheshire cat
the cat is out of the bag
There’s more than one way to skin a cat
When the cat’s away the mice will play

(Cougar.) Cougar. She’ll knock you off your feet.
(Gonna get) taken out by a cougar. Comin’ your way, gonna get her way.
(Gonna get) taken out by a cougar. Comin’ your way, leadin’ you astray.
(Gonna get) taken out by a cougar. Leadin’ you astray, gonna get her way.

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