Sweet! Hell yeah! Here she comes! Watch out boys! She’ll eat you alive! You have been warned!

Some say this woman’s on the level,
some think they’re seeing eye to eye, (haha)
Before you know what’s going on, it’s too late! You’re mesmerised.
She’s no dumb blonde, she can use her head mmmm…
can you hear a scream?
A shiver bolts blue down your spine. Is it pleasure? Is it fear?

She’s: T.N.T., always lookin’ dynamite!
Light up your life, like a – fork-lightning strike.
High octane, pure adrenaline!
Dangerous, exciting, beautiful and mean.

Jezebel – a blonde bombshell.
Jezebel – she’s sweet as hell.
Jezebel – can’t you tell she is
Jezebel – Jez – eb – el!

Intoxicated by her hot lips,
bewitched you’re in her spell.
Ain’t no stairway to heaven, you’re on a highway to hell.
Gonna have to slave and work hard
to pay off all your debt, oh yeah!
She ain’t bin satisfied, by anybody yet (‘cept me!)

She’s: A U.X.B., tick-ticking in the dark.
A venomous snake, a hungry tiger-shark.
Russian roulette, a tsunami!
Sin wrapped in a nightmare all inside of a dream.

Jezebel – a femme fatale!
Jezebel – she’s hot as Hell!
Jezebel – whole lotta love to sell.
Jezebel – Jez – eb – el!


Left ya stricken with a tortured conscience:
Confused, guilty and cold.
The fallen Angel that slept by your side, flew silent with your soul. Oh!
But in your heart of hearts you wouldn’t want it
any other way.
Unforgettable times with that wicked temptress and lived to tell the tale.

(Yeah!) She’s: R.D.X., blow your mind apart.
A parachute jump without a rip-cord.
A run away train, high velocity!
A dream wrapped in a nightmare – now you know what I mean.

Jezebel – red hot hell’s belle!
Jezebel – cries with a rebel yell!
Jezebel – (she’ll) steal your heart as well!
Jezebel – Jez – eb – el!

©19.11.2010 Andrew Robert Chapman

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