For more than two thousand years, Jezebel has been saddled with a reputation as the bad girl of the Bible, the wickedest of women. According to Wikipedia there are 20 songs with the title “Jezebel” – so the 21st, and the best, is described below.

Straightforward lyrics, expressions and double entendres (DE) expanded upon in purple.

Sweet! Hell yeah! Here she comes! Watch out boys! She’ll eat you alive! You have been warned!
Some say this woman’s on the level,
on the level: slang fair; honest; genuine.
some think they’re seeing eye to eye, haha!
see eye to eye with someone to be in agreement with them; to think alike.
Before you kn-ow what’s going on, it’s too late – you’re mesmerised.
She’s no dumb blonde, she can use her head mmmm…
using her head: DE Intelligent / fellatio.
can you hear a scre – – am.
A scream: indefinite article – you or her.
A shiver bolts blue down your spine. Is it pleasure? Is it fear?
A shiver bolts blue=a bolt out of the blue (suddenly and unexpected)
A shiver down your spine=frightened or excited feeling.
She’s: T.N.T., always lookin’ dynamite!
T.N.T.: Trinitrotoluene – Explosive.
looks dynamite: Looks really good.
Light up your life, like a – fork-lightning strike.
Light up: Add excitement.
Fork-lightning: Used in the sense of the suddenness and intensity of lightning and “Do Not Go Gentle into That Good Night” by Dylan Thomas – to leave an impression on someone.
High octane, pure adrenaline!
Dangerous, exciting, beautiful and mean.
Jezebel – a blonde bombshell.
bombshell: a stunningly attractive woman.
Jezebel – she’s sweet as hell.
sweet as hell: DE really pretty and/or capable of giving a nasty surprise.
Jezebel – can’t you tell she’s a
Jezebel – Jez – eb – el.
Intoxicated by her hot lips,
hot lips: DE sexy/kissable mouth / sexually aroused vulva.
bewitched you’re in her spell.
Ain’t no stairway to heaven, you’re on a highway to hell.
stairway to heaven: Reference to Led Zeppelin’s song: Plant’s own explanation of the lyrics was that it “was some cynical aside about a woman getting everything she wanted all the time without giving back any thought or consideration.”
highway to hell: My lyric was the result of something that is the direct opposite of a stairway/heaven. The result is AC/DC’s famous song title, and implies something even worse than a woman getting everything she wants all the time.
Gonna have to slave and work hard
to pay off all your debt, oh yeah!
devote all your time and effort to keep her interested and thank her for the interest she’s shown in you.
She ain’t bin satisfi – ed, by anybody yet (‘cept me!)
“anybody” also “any body”
(‘cept me!) was inspired by Bon Scott’s hardly audible “like me!” on the AC/DC recording “School Days”. “You gotta have somethin’ hot (like me!)”
She’s a U.X.B., tick-ticking in the dark.
U.X.B. Unexploded Bomb.
A venomous snake, a hungry tiger-shark.
Russian roulette, a tsunami!
Sin wrapped in a nightmare all inside of a dr-eam.
Reference to Winston Churchill’s quote (about Russia): she’s a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma.
Dream: DE visions during sleep / attractive person.
Jezebel – a femme fatale!
Jezebel: derog a shamelessly immoral or scheming woman.
Femme fatale: a woman with an irresistible charm and fascination, often bringing those who love her into despair and disaster.
Jezebel – she’s hot as hell!
hot=very (sexually) attractive.
Jezebel – whole lotta love to sell.
“Whole Lotta Love”=Led Zeppelin’s song of the same name.
Jezebel – Jez – eb – el!
Tortured with a stricken conscience,
stricken conscience: remorseful
Confused, guilty and cold.
cold in the sense numb
Fallen Angel that slept by your si – de, flew silent with your soul.
fallen adj 1 old use having lost one’s virtue, honour or reputation • fallen woman.
Angel: 3 colloq a [good, helpful, pure] or beautiful person
But in your heart of hearts you wouldn’t want it
any other way.
Unforgettable times with that wicked temptress, and lived to tell the tale.
Wicked: really good/evil/mischievous.
(Yeah!) She’s R.D.X., blow your mind apart.
R.D.X., an acronym for Research Department Explosive.
A parachute jump without a rip-cord.
A run away train, high velocity!
A dream wrapped in a nightmare – yeah, now you know what I mean.
Jezebel – red hot hell’s belle!
Highly desirable woman who you know will break your heart.
Jezebel – cries with a rebel yell!
Rebel Yell: Reference to Billy Idol song.
Jezebel – steal your heart as well!
Jezebel – Jez – eb – el!

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