Live Dangerously (Original)

This woman’s on your level,
you’re seeing eye to eye.
‘fore you know what’s going on,
too late, you’re paralysed.

Moves her head to speak to you,
whispers soft but clear.
A sudden chill runs down your spine:
Is it pleasure, is it fear?

She’s a barrel of cordite, waiting for a spark.
She’s an overloaded circuit, a hungry tiger-shark.
She’s a natural disaster, a tsunami,
and she’s gonna show you how to: Live dangerously

After you’ve tasted her kiss,
you’re snared within her spell.
Ain’t no stairway to heaven,
it’s a highway to Hell.

You’re gonna have to work hard,
to pay off all your debt.
She ain’t bin satisfied boys,
by anybody yet.


You’re woken by your conscience,
confused, aching, and cold.
The Angel that you slept with,
fled silent with your soul

You wouldn’t want to have it
any other way.
Spent one night with that temptress,
and lived so dang’rously.

and she sure showed you how to: Live dangerously

©19.11.2010 Andrew Robert Chapman

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