Originally this song was titled “End Of Beauty” – which was the “code name” assigned to the original guitar melody. Towards the end of 2015 I decided to alter the title and refrain to the grammatically correct “End My Misery”.
The song itself is a simple love/broken heart ballad: The verses use words which relate body parts and senses, the pre-chorus is a simple lamentation and the chorus finally explaining that since the loved one has left (whether they phsically moved out or died is not implied in the song, so that the lyrics can be genically applied as fit) there is no consoling the singer and they beg to be put out of their misery (usually meaning ending their life – so deep is the mourning).
Verses: Simple imagery linking physical body parts with the senses mind’s eye/memories, feel(sense), close eyes to see(imagine). “hold” back a “raging river” is a flood of tears “lock” also has watery connotations). Whisper/wind, feel/rain, smell/perfume, good taste (the ability to judge what is elegant/beautiful – in this case an expensive perfume).
Bridge: Expands on the linkages of the verses (the song was originally written with three verses (see Discards) and the third verse was cannibalised to create the bridge which reinforces the bereft’s loss and leads into the chorus/outro).

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