On My Own

It seems – like a lifetime, all on my own.
Livin’ in a place which I don’t, I can’t, I won’t call home.
Time-to-time I get out to meet somebody new;
but they all pale to my cherished, fond memories of you.

On my own: Why should I, why should I continue?
On my own: Without, without you.

Another first date hears things which, I wanna hear myself.
My smile’s not listening, I wonder when I’ll be my normal self.
We’re laughing at nothing ‘cos, nothing’s being said.
Mumbling our awkward goodbyes wishing we’d – never met.

On my own: Got nothing but blues.
On my own: A fool waiting to be rescued.
On my own: Why should I, why should I continue?
On my own: Without you.
I’m gonna:
Pick up the pieces of my shattered life, and make a brand new start.
Gonna find someone who can mend my bleedin’ broken heart.
Gonna: Make you a distant memory, a long forgotten part of me.
Gonna: Leave this lonely life; break your spell, set myself free.


On my own: A phoenix reborn, rising with flaming might!
On my own: Spread my wi-ngs, gonna set the world on fire!
On my own: I’m not missing y-o-u, I know I’ll be alright.
On my own: Leaving the heartache in smokin’ ashes far behind.
On my own: Forge my own fate, happiness, luck and nevermore
On my own: By myself, but no longer on my own.

©13.1.2012 Andrew Robert Chapman

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