This is the second of Thomas’ ALPHA guitar melodies (the first, “Heavenly Body” was subsequently ditched) and is a ballad which progresses into a rocky bridge and outro. The lyrics were originally written for Thomas’ old band and specifically their female singer. When that group disbanded, and I became the (unexpected) singer, then the bridge had to be rewritten to suit a masculine part – but the original female bridge is still readable and attached as an individual page to the current song’s lyrics.

The song was based off a two-verse, two chorus song I wrote (to no music) in 2011 (also attached as a separate page to the original lyrics). Thomas’ ALPHA melody consisted of two solos and bridge – so the ALPHA version of the song had four four line choruses, two verses and a bridge. This was the first song the band played together and the general opinion was that the song was too drawn out, so the lyrics were chopped and that’s why the current version has three choruses with two, four and six lines respectively.
Retrospectively the decision was absolutely spot-on although, as the song-writer, I muttered under my breath at the time about the cuts.

The lyrics themselves are very simple. Up until the bridge, they portray the sad, mopsing dejection of someone who has been left on their own by the love of their life and their inability (or unwillingness) to find a replacement partner. The bridge then picks up at the moment where the person decides to show resolve and cast off the mood of despondency. Culminating with the chorus/outro which turns the expression “On My Own” (alone) into a positive “By My Self” (independence).