Thirsting for the chase, hungry with desire.
One man’s poison’s one man’s good taste.
There’s temptation and fear – in your eyes.

White-lines. Out on the edge. Shiftin’ into overdrive.

Natural-born – Painkiller.
More effective than cocaine.
Natural-born – Painkiller.
Like pure morphine in your veins.

A rush, a speed machine, hold on tight and feel alive.
Sick/Sweet, savage, intense, extreme (and mean)
The joy ride of your sweet/swift, short life. (Don’t fight.)

Slip-slidin’. Roll after roll! Drifting outta control.

Natural-born – Painkiller.
Feel the splinter in your brain.
Natural-born – Painkiller.
Gonna take away your pain.


Shot up. Too young to die! Can’t catch me ‘cos I’m flying high!

Natural-born – Painkiller.
More addictive than cocaine.
Natural-born – Painkiller.
Just like morphine in your veins.
Natural-born – Painkiller.
Yeah it’s drivin’ me insane.
Natural-born – Painkiller.
Come on blow away my brain.

©27.1.2015 Andrew Robert Chapman

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