This song’s melody originates from a Defender song of the same name from their 1990’s album “Hard Works”. WildscreW’s guitarist Erich played on that album and, so he tells us, is responsible for several of the Defender melodies and assures us that we can cover them. “Painkiller” is the song on “Hard Works” where I thought that guitar and vocal melodies harmonised with eachother, but the original lyrics are like a terrible direct translation to English from German – so something new had to be written (if I were to sing) to fit the vocal tune. WildscreW also had to transpose the original guitar harmony down one and a half notes, in order to meet the passaggio (boundary) between my middle and head voice.

I first envisioned the song lyrics in a similar vein to “Cougar!” and retitled the song “Cheetah” (Cheater) but abandoned this route for more generic verse and, as it turns out, the very compact lyrics manage to tell three tales. These tales are translated individually into German as “Sex”, “Drugs” and “Dogfight”.

A video storyboard for the “Dogfight” version has been written, the others to follow.

Whilst trying to gain permission to use Jimmy Palmiotti’s Painkiller Jane we recorded a vesion of our song which ended with a shot from a desert eagle pistol. I used it to mask the unprecise ending of the song. Interestingly enough, the gun and the drug connection is explained here: