She’s/Was my all mi amour/mi amour. The one/girl I adored, threw/pushed me overboard. I’m in free fall!
She cast me aside, walked outta my life. I’m onna one way ride. I’m in free fall!
Caught me off my guard, rent my beatin’ heart. I’m gonna come down hard. I’m in free fall!
Got herself a new beau, I was the last to know! (so) Look out below! (‘cos) I’m in free fall!

Out with the old, . I’m outta control. I’m in free fall!
Threw our love away,

hit me fast and hard

Stole my heart like a thief, kicked me in the teeth,

x x x ripcord. I’m in free fall!
x x sweetheart, tore us apart,
, a suicide
Fall on my sword
forget damage control

Guess I had to go, givin’ me the elbow

Placed her on the utmost pedestal – my precious metal.
Nymphet-looks and adult-guile/wiles – double-dealing double-life/bind
She-Devil could corrupt/seduce/convert/proselytise the Pope – I ain’t got a hope! / got me on the ropes.
She-Devil could seduce the Pope – I didn’t have a hope!
just like a slow-motion (gravy) train wreck
I let go of the dead-man’s handle – the trains outta control
tossed me up
Well I thought that I was bad. Till I met this / That’s a laugh!
I make the Devil look like the Pope. Ain’t no joke./smoke/ no hope.
She’s so hot she makes Hell seem cold. Full-sized centrefold.
I don’t want her to clean up her act! She’s got me on the rack

she makes my dreams and fantasies seem like a joke.

She’s got a hold on me, I’ve lost all hope.

And she turns to look, her eyes black as coal,
reaching down, deep, deep – staring past my soul,
I got caught-up in her vortex – blew me away like semtex / promises of wild sex.
– monomania
I’m out there on a cliff ledge – but don’t push me yet.

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