This song was constructed from a rearrangement of one of Thomas’ melodies (with the ALPHA title “Sad But True”. His original tune was more of a ballad, and the song “Love Nor Money” was constructed for that (as a result of the guitar melody similarities, it is unlikely that “Love Nor Money” will ever make it beyond the ALPHA version. My rearrangement placed the ballad part of the guitar as an intro and outro and the rockier part of the melody was used for the rest of the song (which left no provision for a pre-chorus).

The song itself is very straightforward and is a standard (sad) love story. Boy meets girl. Boy falls head over heels in love with girl. Girl is unfaithful. Boy is heartbroken (in free fall).

I’m not sure how the final song will turn out, but I sang the ALPHA with three chorus harmonies and the outro makes use of a doppler-effect to imply the singer free-falling to and then past the listener and would like to retain both the harmonies and the final outro (to which the ballad guitar part is also overtly played).

Some of my favourite lines from the song:
Livin’ life on the razor’s edge – half-cut ‘n’ defying Death.
Thinkin’ I was flyin’ high – about to take a sky-di(e)ve.
double-trouble in double-time.
another slow-motion train wreck.
Gallows trapdoor drops from my feet – a fall-guy again at breakneck speed.
The line:
Placed on my utmost pedestal – to prove her precious mettle.
manages (I think) to merge “precious mettle” (character/personal qualities) with the articulation “precious metal” (as in gold, as in gold wedding ring).

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