Love is blind: But this girl’s outta sight!
One double-take, make no mistake, she caught my roving eye.
No lies to hide, cherry-red smile and playful flirtin’ ways.
Her touch too much, sweet poisonous rush, this girl is half my age!
(I’ve been)

Stung! Sweet, innocent and young.
(Stung!) No better star-crossed lover.
(Stung!) One swallow made my, my Indian summer! I’ve bin
Stung! She’ll spit me out when she’s done.
(Stung!) Her father-figure of fun,
(Stung!) but sting me baby, I don’t care just sting me!

Oh! She’s got a sting in her tail! Bzzzzzzzz.

Lust’s a sin! ‘n’ I guess that’s why she’s down on her knees ‘n’ I’m prayin’.
This hot summer tease, just wants to please, (her) horny hourglass hips a-swayin’.
No words said, just come-to-bed alluring jailbait eyes.
(Oh) You can wrap me ’round your little finger ‘cos you’ve wrapped me ’round your thighs.

(Stung!) but sting me baby, sweet honey bee, you stun me!

Weary the heart upon my sleeve, (I) got one foot in the grave.
So much better to be an old man’s darling, than a young man’s slave!
Old fools and their monies are easily parted, no legal tender no bail!
Sticks and stones, just jump my bones. Baby blow me! (oh yeah!) Blow me outta ja-il!


Life’s too short: To grab a granny my dear.
That’s why I’m in, I’m in like Flynn, treading where angels fear.
Cassandra pearls of infinite wisdom proved to be pretty good
‘cos I’ve come undone, but no regrets: What’s fun is dumb job done
yeah I’ve been

Stung! The best thing in life’s free!
(Stung!) So just sue me!
(Stung!) Down on ‘er bee’s knees. (‘n’) I’m hard to please. Real hard to please.
(Stung!) Impulsive rush of blood.
(Stung!) But what’s bad is just so good.
(Stung!) Oh! She’s got MY sting in her tail now! Yeah, I stung ‘er!
(Stung!) Stu-ng!
(Stung!) Stung! Stung! Stung!
Stung! Sweet little bee, y’wanna taste some o’ MY honey? Yeah!
Bzzzzzzzzzzzz/Oh Baby BABY!!

©20.3.2012 Andrew Robert Chapman

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