This is the pendant for “Cougar!” and (explicitly) captures the unworried and rapturous moment when an older man becomes besotted with a much younger girl who reciprocates his affections. Of course, such romances are nearly always short term and never end well and the last verse portrays the moment where things are about to go disastrously and predictably wrong (for the man) but the outro is a “What the Hell, just one more time …” moment.

Written in 2012 to an unmodified Thomas guitar ALPHA, the lyrics were based on “Ain’t No Such Thing As Too Young” and there, the origin of the current song’s title can be found in the last line of the second verse “but I can’t resist you, I’ve been hit and stung.”

When WildscreW started to play the song (the third song we added to our repertoire), Erich wasn’t happy with the format. Claiming it was too monotonous, he demanded the bridge be reworked. As I’d put a lot of effort into the bridge’s rhyming, I wasn’t prepared to drop or rework it, but Erich meant he wanted a tempo-change. And another tempo change was introduced in the guitar intro, which isn’t present on Thomas’ ALPHA. The bridge brakes the song from a 185bpm sprint into a 130bpm stroll in the park, is quiet and sung clean. Retrospectively it is a fantastic addition to the song, breaking the original’s monotony, and also introducing a suggestion that the old man in the song is taking a break, whilst waiting for his second wind, and explaining the advantages of the situation to the young girl.

Thomas and I did have trouble convincing Erich that the outro should remain, but we were adament and he relented. Lyrically it is the part of the song where the old man in the song is having his (last) wicked way. The singing-style is (very loosely) inspired from Bon Scotts bridge and outro in “Go Down”. Although the song sounds simple, the various tempo changes make it the most difficult song in the repertoire to technically play without a mistake.

Love is blind – but this girl’s outta sight!
[Love is blind=Idiom “outta sight”=figuratively stunning, unbelievable, or awesome]
One double take, make no mistake, she caught my roving eye.
[Double take: noun an initial inattentive reaction followed swiftly by a sudden full realization, especially used as a comic device.]
[roving eye: have a roving eye to have a tendency to show passing sexual interest in one person after another.]
[caught my (roving) eye: fig. attract someone’s interest.]
No lies to hide, cherry-red smile and playful flirtin’ ways.
[No lies to hide: No need to hide wrinkles and other signs of ageing.]
[Wide green-eyes: Wide eyes – usualy associated with young and innocent. Green eyes=inexperienced/young/innocent. – replaced with “Cherry-red smile” because of double use of “eye”]
Her touch too much, sweet poisonous rush, this girl is half my age! (I’ve been)
touch too much=AC/DC song of same name.
poison=Alice Cooper song of same name.
[sweet poisonous rush=thrill which will ultimately be damaging.]

Stung! Sweet, innocent and young.
(Stung!) No better star-crossed lover.
[star-crossed lover: Ultimately ill-fated.]
Stung! One swallow made my, my Indian summer! I’ve bin
[The idiom “one swallow doesn’t make a summer” is used to imply don’t assume something on the basis of single events. Here the idiom is purposely misquoted – a single event was the reason for a good summer.]
[The swallow in the idion is the migratory bird. The song lyric also implies the verb. The act of swallowing which itself implies fellatio sex.]
[The lyrics use the expression “Indian summer”: a period of happiness and success towards the end of someone’s life.]
Stung! She’ll spit me out when she’s done
[She’ll mercislessly discard me, when she gets bored, but also implies (the end of) fellatio sex.]
(Stung!) Her father-figure of fun
[combination of the expressions “father-figure” (implying an older man) and “figure of fun” (someone who is ridiculed by others – in this case due to carrying on with a younger girl).]
(Stung!) But sting me baby, I don’t care just sting me …
[Regardless of all the negative things associated with the affair …]

Oh! She’s got a sting in her tail! Bzzzzzzzz.
[Idiom: Unexpected turn of events – things won’t go as hoped for / planned.]

Lust’s a sin – she’s down on her knees ‘n’ I’m prayin’.
This hot summer tease, just wants to please, horny-hourglass hips a-swayin’
[hot summer tease: Play on expressions “hot summer” and “hot tease”.]
[just wants to please: Only wants sex.]
[hourglass: hourglass figure.]
No words said, just come-to-bed alluring jailbait eyes,
[Two ways of interpreting: No words said except for “Just come to bed”. OR No words were or need to be said, as her “come-to-bed” eyes do all the talking.]
[jailbait: slang – a girl who is just over or has not yet quite reached the legal age of consent.]
You can wrap me ’round your little finger ‘cos you’ve wrapped me ’round your thighs.
[wrap around finger: Ability to control/manipulate someone.]

(Stung!) But sting me baby, sweet honey bee, you stun me!
Weary my heart upon my sleeve, got one foot in the grave.
[Idiom: Wear my heart upon my sleeve: Display feelings openly.]
[Weary my heart: Exhausted heart=Old (man’s) heart. “Weary (for) my heart” in Scottish means “Long for/Desire my heart”.]
[One foot in the grave=old, nearly dead.]
But better to be an old man’s darling, than a young man’s slave!
[Literal expression.]
Old fools and their monies are easily parted, no legal tender no bail!
[Idiom: A fool and his money are easily parted.]
[monies: Antiquitated/old (even though it actually is not) use.]
[Legal tender: Valid sovereign currency and alternative slang for jailbait – an underage girl.]
Sticks and stones, just jump my bones. (Baby) blow me! Blow me outta ja-il!
[Idiom: Sticks and stones will break my bones, but words will never hurt me: Insults/Idle talk won’t hurt me. Idiom often used in shortened form].
[jump my bones: Have sex.]
[Blow me: fellatio.]
[Blow me out of jail: Repeated “blow me” has effect of finishing the above (fellatio) use and removing the implied meaning]
[Blow me out of jail: Can also be considered as complementing above sentence – break me out of jail (with explosives) after we’ve sinned]


Life’s too short – to grab a granny my dear.
[grab a granny: Slang. To seduce an older woman.]
That’s why I’m in, I’m in like Flynn, treading where angels fear.
[In like (Errol) Flynn: To be impulsive/quickly and/or emphatically successful, usually in a sexual or romantic context.]
[Idiom: Fools rush in where angels fear to tread: The rash or inexperienced will attempt things that wiser people are more cautious of.]
Cassandra’s pearls of infinite wisdom proved to be pretty good.
[Cassandra: Greek Mythology: She had the power of prophecy and the curse of never being believed.]
[A pearl of wisdom: Important advice – usually used ironically to imply the opposite.]
[infinite wisdom: Also generally used ironically.]
‘cos I’ve come undone, but no regrets: What’s fun is dumb job done yeah I’ve been
[Come undone: To fall apart, usually emotionally.]
[This verse is written with a hat-tip to Stoke-on-Trent’s entertainer, Robbie Williams. “Angels”, “Come Undone” and “No Regrets” are a few of his hit song titles.
“Life’s too short” is also used in the outro to “Come Undone” and in Robbie’s “Let Me Entertain You” (“Life’s too short for you to die”).
In Robbie’s “Let Me Entertain You” he also sings “my dear” (“You’re my rock of empathy, my dear” and Stung! uses “my dear” in “Grab a granny my dear”)
“Grab a granny my dear” is a reference to “Grab a granny night” at the Wayfarer in Stone, Staffordshire.
“In like Flynn” is a commonly used expression in Stoke-on-Trent.
(Stung!) (The) best thing in life’s free!
[Best thing in life: Sex.]
(Stung!) So just sue me!
[so sue me: A brusque way of dismissing someone – if you don’t like it, sue me. In this case the phrase all the more caustic/sarcastic as it implies sueing someone over something which is free (best thing in life is free)]
(Stung!) Down on ‘er bee’s knees. I’m hard to please. Real hard to please.
[Bee’s knees=Excellence.]
[Hard: Erection.]
(Stung!) A sudden rush of blood.
[Do something (usually foolishly) spontaneously/erection.]
(Stung!) But what’s bad is just so good.
(Stung!) Oh! She’s got MY sting in her tail now! Yeah, I stung ‘er!
(Stung!) Stu-ng!
(Stung!) Stung! Stung! Stung!
(Stung!) Sweet little bee, y’wanna taste some o’ MY honey? Yeah!
[taste my honey=sexual innuendo – swallow my sperm.]

©2012 Andrew Robert Chapman

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