The Beginning Of The End

The prettiest eyes have cried the seven seas of the world.
The loudest laughter hides the darkest secrets and hurt.
The kindest of hearts must endure the cruelest taunts and pain. Mmmm.
The truest/purest of soul’s innocence faithlessly betrayed.

Their wounded hearts: Bleed.
While saddened eyes: Cry.
Their tortured souls: Crucified.
But they won’t stop the beginning of the end.

Memories from my past long drowned by the tears I’ve cried.
The truth buried deep under the weight of crushing lies.
First I lost my rhyme, last I lost all reason ‘n’ found pain.
‘cos this one man’s loved and lost is another man’s gain.

My lonely heart: Bleeds.
My harrowed eyes: Cry.
My tortured soul: Crucified.
But I couldn’t stop the beginning of the end.

There are always winners and losers, in the games of life and love.
Poor beggars can’t be choosers, while the wealthy can’t get enough.
Many just don’t see it coming, the rest hoping that they’re wrong.
Left alone soothing their heartache, lose themselves in a sad love song.


Spare me a minute of your time, stranger lend me your ears.
Take a step back from yourself and look into my face full of fears.
The troubles of the world weighing heavy compounding dejection. Mmmm.
But are you sure when you stare in my eyes it’s not a reflection? You feel

your injured heart: Bleed.
Your pretty eyes: Cry.
Our tortured souls: Crucified.
But we can’t stop the beginning of the end.

©16.2.2013 Andrew Robert Chapman

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