The Beginning Of The End (Wild)

1. Close your eyes, my dear old friend
perhaps you´ll see the glory land
where the children die of starvation and disease
and the government talks about weapons and their need.

2. Money rules the world a fact is fact,
it´s so easy to see, so I want to crack
the dangerous minds in the heads of the fools
who maintain that their job is to rule.

3. We destroy our feelings and kill our nature
Many don´t comprehend that it´s our own future
They all live their lives don´t care about their friend
And that might be the beginning of the end.

That makes me sick and my heart bleed
The world´s so blind and it´s 1. not easy to meet
2. so easy
3. so easy
A guy an this planet who wants 1. to change
2. to disturb
3. to increase
The 1. grievance in his country, he might be 1. French.
2. freedom 2. Serb
3. injustice 3. Chinese

© 2011 Thomas Wild

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