“The Beginning Of The End” has a guitar melody which, according to Thomas, has been in his head since he was 18. 24 years. He’d even written lyrics to it (although I never heard his vocal melody), which are attached as a WORDPRESS page to the current lyrics page. Before I’d listened to his melody, I’d tried to clean his lyrics up (also attached as a WORDPRESS page) but when I received his guitar melody I was instantly inspired to write the (sad love song) words.

The words have more-or-less remained unchanged (it was the verses which changed position more often). Verse one is about the third person plural. The many people in the past who’ve had their hearts broken. The second verse the first person – the singer laments their heartache, and the final verse effectively saying that everyone has suffered a broken heart.

The bridge was constructed after WildscreW added the song to their repertoire and reinforces the fact that their are winners and losers in life (heartbreakers and heartbroken). The bridge ends with “soothing their heartache, lose themselves in a sad love song.” which has a certain recursion about it.

The song was sung as an ALPHA with four chorus harmonies and hopefully these will work well in the studio version.