The Beginning Of The End (Wild II)

Close your eyes, my dear old friend,
‘cos you´re leaving us for the promised land.
Leave behind children dying of hunger and disease,
while the Government’s new weapons tend their needs.

My heart bleeds to death, so with a last cry,
in the face of the world’s blind eye,
A call for justice and the chance to defend;
and that we start before the beginning of the end.

Money rules the world, and that’s a fact,
it´s so obvious, that I need to crack
the dangerous minds in the heads of fools
who dictate that their job is just to rule.


We destroy our feelings and kill our nature
Many don´t comprehend that it´s our future
They all live their lives don´t care about their friends
Might be the start of the beginning of the end.


© 2011 Thomas Wild/Andrew Robert Chapman

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