One! Two! WildßcreW!

Like a disease – gone airborne, in my lungs – I breathe you in.
Like a cancer – you’re eating me up, in my blood I got you under my skin.
Like a night – of hard drinking. Like a day – on cocaine.
You’re the rush – of a lifetime. A silver bullet for my pain.

You’re so bad. You’re so bad.
You’re so bad. You’re so bad. You’re so bad. It’s untrue.

A high-fever – delirious trembling about to cry your name.
You’re so bad, ‘cos you’re so good! A wild thing, that can’t be tamed.
Another night – insomnia. Another day I’m dreamin’ ’bout you!
My doctor says – I’m incurable. Got me thinking – it could be true.


You’re so bad. You’re so bad.
You got me tied up – entangled – in your web of lies.
Inject your venom, hot-passion, with your sweet love-bites.
You melt my heart – (‘n’) resistance – with those dirty eyes.
You’re so bad – you’re wicked – can’t get you out of my mind.

I kiss your lips ‘n’ taste – paradise.
Outta-ma depth, I drown in your eyes.
Time ‘n’ again you leave me breathless.
Like a virus you’re – infectious.
My muscles ache, my body sweats.
Another great idea coming into your head.
You’re bound to please. You’re all I need/my wet-dream. You’re expertise.
It’s untrue.

You’re untrue.

©7.8.2014 Andrew Robert Chapman

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