“Untrue” was born at the end of 2014 when the lyrics were married to an ALPHA which Thomas sent me a short time after I’d written the lyrics. The words of the song were inspired from a conversation about coffee! The actually conversation detailed the ordering of a cup of coffee in England and the young waiter said “I make you a really bad coffee.” To which the person (of my generation) replied “Is that bad bad? Or bad good?” Apparently “bad” was so ingrained in his vocabulary as “bad=good”, that they had to think a short time, before answering with a smile, “Really good, of course!”

So the song’s lyrics play on the perversion of English words “Bad. Wicked. Shit.” to mean their polar opposites. The verses (see also the original 3 verse version) were actually written with the intention of outwardly portraying illness and disease but at the sme time also depicting the lust and infatuation with a woman. The chorus outwardly describes the relationship as bad (wrong/immoral). The hook “Untrue” is applied, more as a parlando break, at the end of each chorus. “Untrue” implies that the words are not the whole truth, and thus the chorus also then outwardly describes the relationship as bad (really good/dirty!).

After I’d told the person who told me about their “bad coffee” and the song, I listened to it and realised that I’d (subconciously) actually also written the verses about coffee! The bridge was added later – when WildscreW added the song to their repertoire, and has more a spidery theme (spiders in the coffee beans?)

Anyway. A song inspired by a cup of coffee. Wicked!