Untrue (3 Verse)

A lethal poison – in my body.
Like a virus – infectious.
Like a cancer – you’re eating me up.
It’s so bad I’m delirious.
Like a night – of hard drinking.
Like a day – on cocaine.
You’re the rush – of a lifetime.
A silver bullet for my pain.

You’re so bad. You’re so bad.
So bad. So bad.
So bad it’s untrue.

Like a disease – gone/full airborne,
in my lungs – I breathe you in.
It’s a sickness – consuming me,
in my blood – delirium.
Another night – I’m holdin’ on tight.
It’s unreal – it’s insane!
Beyond things – I could dream of.
You’re the splinter in my brain.


You got me caught up – entangled – in your web of lies.
Inject the venom, passion, with your sweet love-bites.
You melt my heart – oh yeah, and you poison my mind.
You’re so bad – so hot – burnin’ like Thermite. Owww!

A high fever – I’m burnin’ up,
trembling about to cry your name.
You’re so bad, but you’re so good,
a wild thing, that can’t be tamed.
Another night – insomnia.
Another day – thinking ’bout you.
My doctor says – I’m incurable.
Got me thinking – it could be true.


It’s untrue.
It’s untrue.
You’re untrue.

©7.8.2014 Andrew Robert Chapman

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