Writing On The Wall

I’ve seen the writing on the wall, a message for the tribe,
posted proud for all to see, hidden in plain sight.
I’ve seen the programmes on TV, subliminal blitz-vision,
sub-subconscious, mind-manipulating, hypnotism.

It’s too late to hide, it’s too late to run, the inmates are running the a-syyy-lum:
Plutocrats own our dictators, nation razing betrayers / race-traitors.

When schools indoctrinate kids: then the writing’s on the wall
and their parents acquiesce: then the writing’s on the wall.
When religions kill and maim: then the writing’s on the wall,
but only riff-raff are fair game: then the writing’s on the wall.


Endless rules and regulations steal your life from cradle to grave.
Every soul who believes they’re free is the best of slaves.
Brainwashed minds repeating lies – despotic laws forbid dissent.
You’ve got no rights. You’ve got no excuse! Doing nothing is consent!

It’s too late to run, now’s the time to fight – “they” can’t control their Frankensteins!
Fury stokes revolutionary hearts – “Nemesis” our call to arms!

When fiat monies are debased: then the writing’s on the wall (and)
Potemkin policies embraced: then the writing’s on the wall (‘n’)
Governments bow to the “Elite”: then the writing’s on the wall
and the Fourth Estate’s their mouthpiece …

{… here is the national news …}
When presstitutes whore their master’s views, sell propaganda dressed up as news.
When politicians break their vows, deceive and lie and sell you out!
When speaking the truth is labelled hate! When democracies dicatate!
Yeah welcome to your fascist State! ‘cos the writing’s on the wall!

©31.08.2015 Andrew Robert Chapman

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