{stAhh} came ‘n’ took my heart away,
{stAhh} you take my breath away,
{siAhh} love your collar ‘n’ cuffs.
lick ya muff.
in the buff.
{stAhh} you’re far too good for me
Swallow hook ‘n’ line,
Star-sign of the times: black-Russian ambrosia.
Turnin’ head ‘n’ eyes.
Broke the ice, stole my mind.
Tongue-tied wise guys: shot down in flames by her/fire
Tongue-tied wise guys: shot down in flames ‘n’ fire
Tongue-tied wise guys: drawn like a moth to fire.
shy, spy
x x an’ demure
Tongue-tied wise guys, all got their sights set on her.
Walkin’ a fine line.
I got nine lives.
Star-sign of the times black-Russian ambrosia.
{siAhh} you set me free!
Siberian tiger with a sweet love-bite.
Clinical, dressed in white.
Siberian tiger, quite a sight!
Siberian tiger without the bite.
Siberian winter, without the ice.
Roman hands and Russian fingers

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