Poured out my heart to a lady of the night. She said
“Come with me, baby – I’ll put things right” I said
“Listen honey, I ain’t nobody’s fool!” I didn’t
know that she’d pinch my family jewels.

Ballbreaker! 6’2″ Dominatrix.
Got/Put your life/pride in her hands.
Ballbreaker! That’s how she gets her kicks.
Take it like a man! If you can …

Oh she’s a wreckin’ ball!

Clock that – girl at work, lookin’ – coy ‘n’ shy? Well
she ain’t so innocent ‘n’ – I’ll tell ya why. Each ‘n’
every evening strips off her business suit revealin’
sexy black suspenders ‘n’ thigh-length leather boots. Oh!

Ballbreaker! Mistress Dominatrix.
She’s the office prick tease. Puuhleese.
Ballbreaker! She knows all the dirty tricks.
Make you feel the squeeze. Ow!

You can feel her – stiletto heels.
Walkin’ all – over you.
You might cry, ‘n’ you might scream.
Close your eyes and count to three.
Now feel her C.B.T!


Drop dead – pretty widow dressed in black at the wake? Well
he was husband number three and she’s dancin’ on his grave! You’d better
turn ‘n’ run, when you hear that siren’s call. She knows your
heart and mind will follow when she’s got you by the balls.

Ballbreaker! Mistress Dominatrix.
Don’t you step outta line!
Ballbreaker! High-heels and horse-whipped
within an inch of your life. Ow!
Ballbreaker! She’s into C.B.T.
Ballbreaker! She’ll break you in for free.
Ballbreaker! Pussy-whippin’ misery.
Ballbreaker! I hear she’s …

I hear she’s gotta crush on me.
It ain’t nothin’ that a bit of spit ‘n’ polish won’t cure.

©31.7.2014 Andrew Robert Chapman

that was lover number three and she’s dancin’ on his grave! You’d better
She’s the office prick tease. Sleaze.
every evening strips (off) her business suit for

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