The song’s title and vocal hook, “Down The Rabbit Hole”, is a reference to the expression which is also an allusion to Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll. In the sense of the song the expression refers to the abode of the tin-foil hat community. A place where conspiracy theories are rife and, to a certain extent, at a certain depth in the hole, actually make more sense than “reality”.
To this end the song tries to encompass some of the non mainstream thoughts.

Welcome to the myth: A paradox: Say hello to a non existant entity. Something you were convinced was a lie/untrue/unreal.
Deep, dark labyrinths: An extensive, ominous, bleak and secret maze.
Open your eyes wide to lies. Not just a literal instruction but an expression, an instruction, to make an effort to see things you hadn’t noticed before or to realize the truth about something. Also a reference to Kubrick’s film “Eyes wide shut” (and all the enigmatic messages it contains).
hidden in plain sight. In plain view. In full, unrestricted view and clearly visible. A reference to the fact that our “Lords and Masters” are duty bound to inform the commoners, in the same manner as the James Bond villain, to explain, in intricate detail, their evil plans. Whether as a direct result of their psychopathic nature or simply to rub the pleb’s faces in it even more.
Men on the moon: The classic and largest theory of America’s Apollo space mission. I have spent hundreds and hundreds of hours researching and am firmly in the camp which believes no man has walked on the lunar surface. I’ll just say “Van Allen Belts” as one (of many reasons).
Guidestones of doom: Refers to the Georgia Guidestones. What? You haven’t heard about them? Time to spend a week of your life usefully reading up about them. The long and short of it. They were altruistically commisioned for a post nuclear war world, as general guidlines for the surviving humanity or they were secretly commisioned to declare to the world the intentions of the deranged souls who are planning an evil new world (order).
Once you’re here, you’re trapped, there ain’t no goin’ back: In a similar manner to the scene in the Wachowski’s (brilliant, but for other reasons than you think) film “The Matrix”, where Neo is offered a blue and red pill with the warning, once he takes the red pill, and his eyes are opened to the truths of the world, he will never be able to go back to the reality he thought was true.

The pre chorus is not only a reference to the white rabbit which Alice follows but also a girl’s tattoo in “The Matrix” film which Neo is instructed to follow.

Propaganda news, parrots partisan views: 90% of mainstream media is currently owned by just six corporations. Such a business model can never deliver unbiased reporting to its (literally) captive audience. If watching any TV news report doesn’t, literally, make you wince and seethe then you have a long way to travel down the rabbit hole.
Deep State lechin’ war ‘n’ wrack: The “Deep State” refers to the burocratic administration which, unseen and unvoted, seamlessly continues to administer the will and plans of the state, regardless of what party or politician is voted to power. In a harmless and humouress way, this apparatus is illustrated by Jay and Lynn’s “Yes (Prime) Minister” series. In more sinister ways, these civil servants are open to abuse from the monied lobbyists and, most notably the MIC (Military Industrial Complex) with their need for eternal war, but also pharmaceutical, their pressure for laws concerning vaccination and innoculation, big agriculture and, of course, banks and bankers themselves.
financin’ false flag attacks!: Originally describing naval conflicts, where an attacking ship may fly the colours of the enemy, in order to lull them into a false state of security and then, just before attacking, run their true colours up the mast/jack. In modern day terms refers to actions by the state and/or government where it creates an abnormal (terrorist/battle) situation so that it can use the event to quickly pass laws past a shocked population which would otherwise have been, if not impossible, certainly met with a great deal more resistance. Real, modern, false flag events are almost certainly happening at a rapid pace. For false flag events which have been admitted to/made public from previously secret governmental files have a look at WIKIPEDIA, but the rabbit hole will take you to many, many others.
To fill you full of fear. You’re so full of fear!: The purpose of the attacks, or perpetual war, of boogy men in far off countries who are going to steal your freedom, for deadly sharks, spiders, flesh eating bacteria, is to keep the poplace disorientated and in perpetual fear, for a population in fear can be easily controlled. (see https://academyofideas.com/2015/11/fear-and-social-control/)
But deep in the hole, there’s no Hypnotoad: When you are deep in the rabbit hole the control mechanisms are obvious and so you have no fear of them. Hypnotoad (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_recurring_Futurama_characters#Hypnotoad) was used to sum up the pervasive, hypnotic and total control nature of the world outside the rabbit hole.

Off with their heads, on a B-Movie set: “Off with their heads” is, of course, the catchphrase of the Queen of Hearts’ from Carroll’s “Alice in Wonderland”, and so ties in with the rabbit hole theme of the song, but the addition of “a B-Movie set” refers to the phase of badly filmed beheadings. Allegedly carried out by IS/ISIS no footage was complete, the removal of the head literally cut (no pun intended) out to a blood curdling scream and a scene of the bloody aftermath shown. And all of a standard which, literally, would put a B-movie to shame. The victims were all innocent westerners and, once the required shock effect was apparently achieved, paving the way for illegal military action in a sovereign state, Syria, which is still raging to this day and has caused untold misery, destruction and loss of life, the videos deceased as quickly as they started.
Towers free-fall down: A reference to 9/11 and the three, yes three, WT towers which collapsed in free fall, meaning there was absoloutely zero resistance from the remaining structure, due to fires in the upper stories from two civil airliners and (in the case of WT7) an office fire. An event which has happened neither before nor since (Grenfall and Dubai’s Sulafa tower).
our simulation Earth is neither flat nor round!: Currently there is a flat earth movement which claims the earth is not a sphere, but a domed/walled flat expanse. A biblical firmament. Many people simply laugh and scoff this theory off without a second thought because, well, science has proved otherwise, and we are all educated to know better. But a truly open mind does not scoff or demeanor but listens to the arguments being put forward. Or at least it should. Schopenhauer stated “All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.”. Although the flat-earthers have some interesting claims which truly do cast doubt on a globe, equally they have some preposterously huge holes in their arguments which cannot be explained by a “flat earth”. I currently believe the simulation hypothesis (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Simulation_hypothesis) most accurately explains everything in our perceived reality. Everything except the “why”. Why play a simulation game, if you aren’t told the rules. Or are we here in limbo/purgatory? Or simply a part of some alien child’s “Age of Empires”/”Civilisation” game?
We’ve always been at war, but not with whom you thought! We’ve always been at war is a reference to Orwell’s 1984 and, sadly, the state of affairs I have lived al my life in. From the “cold war” thru “war on terror” back to the Russian/Putin Bogeyman. But the real war is being waged upon us by an entity which has a desire to feed the wheels of death and destruction on both sides. The figures behind the bankers and the richest people in the world (https://www.forbes.com/billionaires/list/#version:static)
The truth will set you free: A bible quote (John 8:23). As in the red pill, the truth will set you free (from the lies and deceit of your perceived reality).
stay awake: Having swallowed the red pill, having woken up, don’t revert back to how you were.
and burrow deep: Keep digging and unearthing more truths.

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