E.M.P. – Original

It could have been last night, or many years ago.
She came on like a summer storm, she put on a great show.
She was hotter than hell, got me in a fever.
She could whisper real soft, but she was a squealer,

She carved her name in my heart, how can I forget?
She was one in a million, a one-way bet. (My)

E.M.P. – she’s fully charged.
E.M.P. – stoppin’ my heart.
E.M.P. – like a blinding light.
E.M.P. – a lightning strike.

She said there’s no rush, baby, but let’s get it on (now).
Yeah let’s use this moment, before it’s gone.
She had the finest body, she’d make a gay-boy straight.
She’d purr like a kitty, when she wanted to play.



She spent my money, spent my cash
Spent my coin, spent my brass.
Was she really worth it? You can bet your ass.


She was quick (intelligent) and dirty, as sharp as a knife/razor.
She could put you down, or let you haze her.
Innocent eye candy, a high-class whore,
You know she’s gonna leave you, begging her for more

©27.2.2014 Andrew Robert Chapman

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