Hold You In My Arms – v1 – v7

Tears welled-up in your eyes are betraying: Your inner pain;
our last time here together, but you smile and don’t complain.
So let me. Hold you in my arms. Again.

Exhausted to your soul, but stay with me, don’t sleep,
or think about the future, just our memories we breathed.
Gently. Softly. Hold you in my arms. My sweet.

You’re leaving on a journey, but I can’t come along,
your world of hurt, pain and suffering will soon be all gone.
You’re leaving me alone and it all seems so wrong,
Both fighting back tears, trying to be strong.
Your wide and frightened eyes
seeking comfort I can’t provide.
I’m so: Paralysed. Traumatised. Wretched and distressed!
Helplessly just looking on but I’m not ready for this yet!

so let me
hold you in my arms.
Hold you in my arms.
Hold you in my arms.

Let me – hold you in my arms – my sweet.
I know you’re tired so. Close your eyes to. Go to sleep.
To the ticking of the clock. Softly. Fall asleep.
To my whispers – of our memories. Gently. Fall asleep.
I whisper – breathe our memories. But you don’t hear.
Gently paling memories, because you can’t hear.
Swiftly fading memories, because you’re not here.

Because you’re not here!
I can’t go! I can’t leave! Can’t believe that you’ve gone!
I’ve got to
hold you here.
Hold you now.
Hold you in my arms.
Hold you in my arms!
With tears streaming down my face,
whole of my heart and soul aches!
My sobbing body shakes.
But deep, deep down I know.
I’m gonna have to let you go, won’t ever
hold you in my arms, my love.

©5.1.2012 Andrew Robert Chapman

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