– – knows she’s gonna be someone,
– – ‘n’I-hope we’ll make two.
– – I’ll be your roguish toerag.
– – you’ll be my childhood dream.
– – I’m just a modern toerag.
– – an’ she’s a childhood dream.
Skin/Smell/Scent – like an English rose.
Warm – as the summer’s sunbeams.
No plain Jane,
kiss me quick
a little peck
Look in her eyes and hear
look in her eyes and sing x x x
kiss me quick
a little peck
Who’s your daddy? What’s your name?
No one’s here, behind the shed.
Smile – like an English summer.
Smell – like when the rain clouds clear.
Skin – smoother than silk
Hair – plaited spun gold
– – sittin’ next to me (oh)

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