Last Man Standing (Original)

Cross my heart, I’ll die hard, a straight shooter-in-my-time.
She’s got a price on her head, draws ’em from far and wide / ‘n’ everyone knows why.
Contract thrill, dressed to kill, (but) can’t hide her cowgirl style.
Plannin’ to take me out, wants me dead or alive / by the end of the night / on the ride of my life.

Hired] hands ‘n’ hired guns to my left and right.
I’m the last man standing, so better run for your life / I’ve never thrown a fight.
She’s got her 44″s out, where’s she bin all my life?
I’m the last man standing as she blows out the light.
We’re both] goin’ great guns she’s givin’ me a hard time (Yeah)
I’m the last man standing in the heat of the night.
When we go down together, our bodies lie till first light.
I’m the last man standing: That’s the bottom line.

Wanted dead or alive / Wanted: Stiff and alive.
You heard right / 44″s looking nice / … (playboy) smile.
But go down with her for one last time.
but my six-shooter’s dry / don’t ask why / now she knows why.

Comin’ on] sweet and strong, slinky-slinky 5′ 9″.
Head over heels in debt I’m lookin’ for a free ride.
All my blood, sweat and tears, already paid a high price,
can’t live by bread alone so put the champagne on ice.


There were – shots all round in the bar
A long sideways glance and she was at my side. Oh yeah.
Her Hollywood smile – cut ya’ like a knife.
(mmm) but gonna give her a hard time (Yeah)
That’s what she likes.
My six-shooter’s loaded and the shots are on the bar.
She’s got dollars in her eyes.
She’s got a Playboy style.


I] call the shots, my blindspot’s/ call girl hots, got/with dollars in her eyes,
a smile on her face from my pearl necklace surprise.
Carnivore / Dirty whore, she wants more, take it all in my stride.
Gonna] eat, drink and gorge – for tomorrow we die.


©18.12.2012 Andrew Robert Chapman

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