Peggy Sue – original

Things are never gonna be the same.
Don’t know pleasure, till you’ve writhed in pain.
A knowing smile betrays her thoughts:
bruised and battered from her full contact sport.

She keeps peggin’ away – she’s knows what to do:

Peggy Sue.

Call me crazy/queer: I don’t care what ya think.
Whites the new black so tickle me pink.
Like a pro she’s in command:
Take it like a man and think of England.

Ain’t level peggin’ when she’s peggin’ for you:


Like a square peg in a round hole,
screamin’ please God save our souls!
Strapped on(,) a white knuckle ride.
Givin’ you an inch, feels like a mile/hold on tight.

(Thunderstruck like)
A na-na-naa na-na-naa na-na-na-na nal.
Feel like a freak …
A na-na-naa na-na-naa na-na-na-na nal.
… can’t sit for a week!


©16.6.2017 Andrew Robert Chapman

Prone and prostrate: Flat on your back.
Ain’t nothin’ she don’t like about that.

Smilin’ evil till she’s satisfied.
hold the line ‘cos she’s Peggy Sue.

She’ll knock you down a peg or two,

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