Riddle Me

Calm before the perfect storm.
Caught in a riptide:
terrified, petrified.

Closer. Closer. Chaos draws near.
Anger. Disaster. It’s time for some answers:

Riddle me: who pulls the strings of the puppeteer?
Riddle me: gorgin’ fat on your angst and fear.
Riddle me: who gets the coin from these endless wars?
Riddle me: invade the world but neglect home shores!
Riddle me: kill, maim an’ murder to save a life?
Riddle me: hate is good when it’s coloured white.
Riddle me: if this is God’s plan, it ain’t divine!

Ooooooo. Riddle mee ……. mmmh mmmh
Ooooooo. Riddle mee … ee …

E(e)vil creeps in the(e) regime.
Muzzled opinion.
Division, subversion.

Hopin’. Wishin’. A cure for this cancer.
Askin’. Prayin’. It’s time for some answers:

Riddle me: printin’ money equals untold wealth?
Riddle me: bizillionaires care about our health?
Riddle me: ev’ry day black kids starve ‘n’ die!
Riddle me: don’t see a Shekel, I wonder why!?
Riddle me: politicians cry “democracy!”
Riddle me: one law for them, one for thee.
Riddle me: ain’t no free speech an’ no “Plan B”!

Riddle me.
{whistlin’ past the graveyard!}

Riddle me: philanthropists hoardin’ untaxed gains.
Riddle me: chosen ones on a gravy train.
Riddle me: chattel slavin’ for crumbs each day,
Riddle me: worked to death-diggin’ our early graves.
Riddle me: “the dream” is yours if you close your eyes.
Riddle me: fast asleep hopelessly hypnotised.
Riddle me: another day in fuckin’ paradise!

Closer. Closer it’s time for some action.

©16.6.2020 Andrew Robert Chapman

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