Division, submission.
Riddle me: the left has x than the extreme right.
Riddle me: cancel you out
human right
toe the line
Divide and conquer, bicker ‘n’ fight.
The Gods laugh ‘cos we can’t unite.
The Gods laugh while we bicker ‘n’ fight.
Divide and conquer, why don’t we unite?
Divide and conquer, too late to unite?
Anger. Faster. It’s time for some answers:
Evil creeps with the(e) extreme.
Dark the creep of the(e) extreme.
Slow the creep of the(e) extreme.
Opinion stifled.
Paranoia, truth destroyers.
Tight the grip of extreme -ism.
Silently. Compliantly.
Slow the creep of fascism
Voices are stifled.
Paranoid, truth destroyed.
Askin’. Knowin’. It’s time for some answers:
Trapped in a dark void:
terrified, worlds collide.
won’t close my eyes to outside
ev’rythin’s alright
When worlds collide, sit back, enjoy the ride.
magician’s hand/promised land
vaccinned health

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