Thomas sent me the song’s guitar melody to work with with the “code name” “Save Our Souls”.
With the “corona crisis” in its infancy (in Europe) I decided to write a song which combines a plea for help (from loneliness and going insane) in the chorus to the voices in the head questioning the actions of the authorities in the verses.
I thus decided (for the first time) to keep Thomas’ code name and write a song titled “S.O.S.”.
During the early stages of the song’s development I asked Thomas to record a tapping (a guitar technique) of the morse code for S.O.S. (. . . – – – . . .) with the intention of working this into the song’s solo or underlying a verse, or outro. Thomas duly recorded the part but reckons it doesn’t fit anywhere and so my current plan is to start the song with this part.
The song’s introduction (after the morse code) is supported with backing vocal shouts of “S.O.S.”. I stole this idea from AC/DC’s “T.N.T.”.

Boom! Bang! Happy New Year!: Boom and bang of the new year fireworks and also the explosive arrival of something. China (Wuhan) was suffering/supressing the corona outbreak about the time the new year was being celebrated (gregorian calendar) and it arrived in europe around the time the chinese were supposed to celebrate the new year (of the rat) on the 25th of January.
Pandora’s box is full o’ cold fear: Pandora opened the box and released all the evils of the world. In this case I used the expression “cold fear” which means a fear which makes ones blood chill, one break out in a “cold sweat” and also, literally, as the (over-hyped) fear (mongering) of a cold (corona virus).
Incomin’, deadly pandemic! Incoming is a military term which is used to warn others that they are under attack, in this case it is the “deadly pandemic” which is incoming.
Gotta rescue the system throwin’ money at-an-epidemic! The first action of the first world’s leaders, and specifically their central banks, is to print money to rescue the fragile financial system.
Big talk, “Rest at ease.”: The next phase of the corona crisis, repeated like a domino effect in country after country, is to play the pandemic down. Don’t worry, they have everything under control.
Got me thinkin’ “The cure’s worse than the disease!”: If this “they have everything under control” meme were true, then why are they shutting down the whole economy?
Under control shelter in place: Nothing to worry about so long as you don’t go outside the front door.
“Don’t panic!” on TV now tell me, tell me who’s crazy? And the MSM (media) joins in with the chime “everything is under control”. With so many people telling you not to panic, you should already be very panicked!

The chorus is quite straightforward. The lamentings of someone locked down and isolated from their loved one

House arrest! Martial law! Currently the western world is living a defacto house arrest and martial law is, if not already in place, but a small step away.
Invisible-enemy-wagin’a third world war: There is a lot of political talk about “waging a war” on corona, the virus being the invisible enemy.
Anarchy! Bring in the troopers: Civil unrest, bring in the army to enforce martial law supress rebellious souls.
Save the too big too fail blown the last cent of our (poor) future! While the plebs are fobbed off with payments of around €1000 the massive banks and coporations are a part of a multi-trillion (1,000,000,000,000) dollar/euro rescue package. This newly created debt is pulling even more liability from the future, the future of children not even born yet!
Lockdown! Close the borders. More isolation and encapsulation.
Shot John Doe dead: GI Joe(‘s) “followin’ orders”. John Doe is the unknown corpse. No one has (as of yet) been shot(dead) but young and nervous souls in the police/army with guns and enraged masses make for a dangerous mix. The “following orders” meme is from the Nürnberg trials, where it was disallowed, but has been used pretty much 100% successfully as a defence by all those “following orders” ever since.
Welcome fascist state! Papers please! A fascist state, according to Mussolini, is the defacto corporate (lobby) ruled regime which we have in place which is sold to us as a “capitalist democracy”. The corporates, receiving ever more currency from the central banks, become ever more powerful and able to buy out those few companies which survive the shock of an enforced economic shutdown.
Sold out freedom overnight! Laws are being changed literally overnight and the politicians are praising themselves and being praised for it. But, invariably, those laws which are rushed through in a state of emergency are those which lead to the removal of ever more rights and freedoms.
Thirty pieces about right? The politicians (who make the laws according to the corporate lobbyists) sold out for thirty pieces of silver. The amount which Judas betrayed Jesus for.

One vote, one voice, one choice: (whoa) not too complicated. Your vote makes NO difference.
Freedom? Fairness? Justice? We are federated! Referring to the EU, a thick layer of unaccountable bureaucracy on top of choking national bureaucracy.
No see, no hear, no tell! Free or subjugated? The three monkeys. People looking the other way while the government removes basic human rights.
“They” throw a crumb to starvin’ mouths an’ claim “they’ve” sated hungry/hungered crowds. A play on the “trickle down” monetary theory. Printing trillions, the plebs are fobbed off with miniscule payments which are lauded by themselves as saving the man-on-the-street.
Honour. Valour. Repute? Not amongst these thieves. The thieves being the bankers, corporate oligarchs, politicians and their puppet masters.
No time. No fine. No crime. I plead insanity! Refers to how no one was imprisoned or fined for the 2008 GFC. In fact those responsible were busy rewarding themselves perversely high bonuses a few years later. Effectively there was no crime, to which one can only exasperatingly plead insanity.
Morals. Virtue. Respect? You must be kiddin’ me, Self explanatory.
“they” beat you down with evil spite an’ cry in pain each time “they” strike (you/yeah).
“they” beat you down with sightless eyes ‘n’ cry in pain each time “they” strike (you/yeah). I picked this expression up from a comment board and don’t know who originally used it, although it is often used in connection with the jew. It simply means that your masters (psychopaths) will beat you black-and-blue but be the ones crying (crocodile) tears, as if they are the victim.

Democracy. Shock an’ awe! The MSM reminds us daily we are living in a democracy. With the “democratic” parties up against the populist parties. To fight the battle against “terror” on the premise of (invented (WMD) crimes) against Iraq and Afghanistan the term “shock and awe” was pushed heavily into the public’s face by the MSM.
Demented echoes I’ve heard this shit before.
Good job guys! Mission accomplished! “Good job” is your typical american phrase and guys(goys) an american term (although being replaced with the horrible term “dudes”). Mission accomplished is stolen from the banner flown behind George W. Bush on the aircraft carrier when he announced their mission (which was to go on till the current day) had been a success!
Fire up free money presses print till ev’ryone’s impoverished. NOTHING in life is FREE! Printing currency has its consequences and, as soon as it filters down to the 99% it will cause massive inflation (currency devaluation) if not a Weimer Republic type of hyper-inflation.
Sur-re-al, how time flies! All of this “ecoronamy” crashing is actually very surreal and it seems (and is) a long time since:
We were together havin’ fun an’ good times.
But now:
Quarantined. Self-confined.
So far away from you I’m losin’ (losin’) ma ma ma mind.

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