You’re either with us or against us,
“Either you are with us or you are with the terrorists.” – G.W.Bush
From the song (singer’s) point of view, you’ll either understand and agree with the lyrics, or not.
smoke and mirrors citizens deceive.
Smoke and mirrors: Idiom: Something which is intended to confuse or deceive people, especially by making them believe that a situation is better than it really is. Alludes to the way a magician uses optical illusion to create believability when conjuring. Also refers to 9/11 – smoke (from explosions/fire) and mirror(ed buildings) which was used by Governments to rush through many (freedom robbing) laws.
Above ten thousand laws,
W.Churchill: “If you have ten thousand regulations you destroy all respect for the law.”. Many (orwellianly named) laws (for example the Patriot Act) were rushed into effect after 9/11, stripping many citizens of their freedoms (of speech and religion), which were so (hypocrytically) lauded by G.W.Bushes “with us or against us” speech, as the very attributes for which the USA was attacked.
Above ten thousand laws: Also as in “The controlling powers are not liable to their many laws, which are enforced only upon the masses”
printing money galore,
Or, to use the modern, orwellain expression, QE (Quantative Easing). Trillions of dollars to date alone on the Federal Reserve balance sheet.
to keep you safe from our arch enemies.
The constant and endless mantra is now “it is for your safety”. The initial enemy, Osama bin Laden, an ageing, Kidney-diseased man, leader of small, dispersed groups of men, was deserved of the attention of a mighty military action and secret alphabet agencies (CIA, FBI etc.)
The mighty american military machine wages long, expensive and ineffective wars against the “threat” of a few radical muslim extremists.
The UK sold its gold,
Refers to the (in)famous Brown’s bottom – where the sale of the Bank of England’s gold was preannounced, resulting in an even lower price. It is rumoured the sale was performed at the request of America in order to stop a bank from going bankrupt – which would have been the first Lehmann moment/Credit crunch.
sold its soul,
That moment at the latest, the politicians were in the pockets of the bankers.
bible-bashers starting wars overseas.
Both G.W.Bush and T.Blair were reputedly deeply religious, but nevertheless were the direct cause for many wars and conflicts in far off lands.
The grinning lapdog lies.
The contented lapdog lies (down) before his American master also “grinning lapdog” (the forever grinning T.Blair, Lapdog: Informal One eager to do another’s bidding, especially in order to maintain a position of privilege or favor) lies (perjuries) to Parliament over Iraq, Saddam Hussein and their immenent use of WMD (weapons of mass destruction).
Orphaned children cry.
Their lies and wars caused the deaths of young soldiers and many innocent civilians, orphaning many children.
Bought and paid for in the Land of the Free.
Bought and paid for. The wars are financed by the USA. Bought and paid for also means bribed.
Land of the Free, Home of the brave: America.
On day you find youself waking up in America.
In God we Trust
Was adopted as the official motto of the United States in 1956 as a replacement for the unofficial motto of E pluribus unum.
will He save the Queen?
will He (america’s God) save the Queen.
John Bull make way for America’s dream.
John Bull is a national personification of Great Britain in general and England in particular.
The American Dream is a national ethos of the United States, a set of ideals which include freedom and the equal opportunity for prosperity and success. (The reference is sarcastic).
You’re all pacified with weapons of mass distraction: Celebrity-sport-action.
The majority of citizens are unaware and disinterested in the underhand dealings of their political leaders. The media (effectively a few ogliarchs), with their weapons of mass distraction [sic], keep the masses occupied with unending blitzes of mind-numbing shows (dancing with the stars, Britains got talent, Corrie), endless football and sport and massive budget, glam and action Hollywood films.

The 51st State – the U.K.’s
the 51st State – of the U.S.A.
The 51st State – a puppet-poodle state / doin’ everything they say!
The futures heroes,
Those people who are currently renounced by government spokespeople as traitors will be viewed in a different perspective when the regime falls (for example Claus von Stauffenberg was a traitor in Hitler’s Germany, but history currently views him as a hero).
who’ve not been killed, are jailed or on the run.
Dr. David Kelly, Michael Hastings, Julian Assange, Bradley Manning, Edward Snowden – to name just a few prominent examples.
Dumbed-down generations,
The ever increasing simplification of ever more intellectually undemanding schooling syllabi, perhaps as a result of such laws as the “No Child Left Behind Act” means that the average intelligence level of younger generations is continually dropping. The excessive socialising and elimination of competition (“Everyone is a winner” sports days, or “No answer is wrong.” grading policy does not result in preparing young adults for the shock that awaits them in the real world.
can’t add-up the damage that the Government’s done.
Whether planned or misguided. The school-leavers of today are less able than their elders to recognise the damage of the government policies. In effect an Idiocracy.
Puppet politicians,
All modern politicians are career politicians. Their policies are not long-term and for the good of the country, and people, but for their own means (whether financial or re-election). The majority of politicians are furthermore nothing other than marionettes, mouth-pieces for the powers behind the scenes. Corporate lobbyists, bankers, ogliarchs.
their hanged man’s faces, know well their time will come.
Their time will come.
Traitorous scum!
The politicians, the puppets who betray their country for the whims of their puppeteers (Traitorous scum!), who are visible to the public, will be the ones who have to pay, with their lives (their time will come), when revolution comes, and thus live in the shadow of death. Their puppeteers remain faceless, anonymous and, as a result, live to see another day.
You’re all glassy-eyed from non-stop internet porn action,
constant wet-dream satisfaction.
Another major weapon of mass distraction [sic]. The internet, and it’s unending supply of pornography, serve to (pre)occupy citizens, rob their time and ultimately distract them from their leaders. I would hazard a guess that it is mainly the male population which is distracted by this particular circus, but the female population, I would postulate, has definitely been sucessfully sidetracked from events in the real world by the internet’s social media, and its peer and one-up-manship participation pressure. This time devouring activity has only been exaberrated by the introduction of internet connectivity with smart phones.
What a fucking state!
What an extremely lamentable nation! What an extremely sad state of affairs!
Where are all the brave Lionhearts, roaring to defend their Land?
Lionheart definition, a person of exceptional courage and bravery. Lionheart also has direct connotations with England due to the crusader King, Richard the Lionheart, and the fact that three lions passant guardant are shown on the English coat of arms.
You’re all now generation “ME ME ME”. Holdin’ out beggin’ grubby hands.
Generation “ME ME ME” is a TIME magazine label for the current world youth (otherwise called generation Z, i or millenians). The TIME nomenclature successfully illustrates the excessive egoistic and narcissistic nature of this generation.
More servile than stray starving sheep,
Sheep are animals which famously herd and follow eachother (ultimately to the slaughter). The word Sheople cunningly combines the words sheep and people when referring to citizens which are acting like sheep, believe everything their government or media network tells them and question nothing.
more silent than the lambs.
A reference to the film “The Silence of the Lambs”, implying that the citizens are ultimately the victims. Lambs holds the “sheep” theme and silence the lack of protestation and speaking out, infact being a “black sheep”.
[Baa Baa rainbow/happy Sheep, have you any pride …]
I added this after I discovered that the PC brigade had successfully outlawed the lyrics to the children’s nursery rhyme, “Baa Baa black sheep”, as it is racist to use the word black, which has been replaced with rainbow or happy. How very – none descriptively neutral. I have no idea how farmer’s now have to identify their black sheep, perhaps Monsato has genetically eradicated them from existence.
Perhaps the purpose of changing the lyric is to subconciously remove the notion of “black sheep” (as in a member of a family or group who is disapproved of in some way (eg for failing to succeed, conform or achieve, etc)) from younger generations.
Meekly, you bleat.
As each new law and regulation is introduced, and each freedom removed, the voices of contention are hardly audiable.
You didn’t deserve to be free!
Eventually their will be no freedoms left to enjoy. A perfect orwellian/totalitarian state. And the citizens which (subconciously and passively) let it happen deserve all that which it eventually delivers.

(Not like me!)
In gold I Trust – not a paper Queen. Rule Silver Britannias to break their ponzi scheme.
References to the Queen’s head as printed on all the Bank of England’s pound sterling notes and the fact that this is pure fiat money. “Rule Britannia”, the patriotic British song, an inofficial National Anthem is altered with “silver” to imply may silver Britannias (and gold) break the fiat banking system.
But you’re sofa-zombies, clinically brain-dead, from their circuses and bread.
However most of the population is blissfully unaware of the none-asset backed banking system and remains blissfully diverted with the modern day circuses and bread.
God save the Queen – ‘cos no fucker else will!
Title of English national anthem and Sex Pistol’s anti-royalist album and song. The line is inspired from Black Adder Series I “The Black Seal”
Gotten got a cotten pickin’ – Jesus! What does that mean?
Mocking derision at the American (over) use of the verb “get”, replacing a plethora of more descriptive verbs to the extent that the (American English) language obfuscates.
Fuck the Union flag – led by a bunch of fags.
Disrespect for UK’s national flag, also known as Union Jack (pedantically a flag is a jack when hoisted on a ship’s jackstaff). Fag (short for faggot) slang, sometimes derogatory, a gay man. Adopted heavily in America, originally English term.
Burn the Stars and Stripes. My bad. Dude! Chill – Psych!!
Any public desecration of the American national flag (stars and stripes) is (apparently) considered (by American citizens) to be a direct attack on their country (ideals etc.) and is against the law in many states (Vermont burners risking a one year prison sentence), but which appears to contradict the American holy grail First Amendment Truce on Speech, Censorship and freedom of expression.
Anarchy in the UK? “Oh, no! Not today.” You don’t fuckin’ say!
Another Sex Pistols song reference.
“Oh, no! Not today.” (in affected English accent) representing the lethargic, apathetic English middle class.
Who will be our next Cromwell? We need a civil war!
Oliver Cromwell, an anti-Royalist English military and political leader during the English Civil War (1642–1651)
Who our Boudica to free us from these whores?
(AD 60 or 61) was queen of the British Iceni tribe, a Celtic tribe who led an uprising against the occupying forces of the Roman Empire.

The 51st State.
The 51st Orwellian State.

George Orwell’s 1984: A prophetic understatement of modern government surveillance.

©2013 Andrew Robert Chapman

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