Walpurgis Night

Black Sabbath night – Barghest howls at the moon.
Three witches, spellbinding – fly by on their brooms.
Two black cats, reflecting – amber fire in their eyes.
Naked virgins, prostrating, the Cerne Giant tonight.

Past the point of no return – on the edge of a dream.
Where the wicker men burn – and the Banshees scream.

Necromancers. The supernatural.
A panic-attack seizes your mind!
Elementals. Keltic legends.
Welcome to Walpurgis night. (war-piggies night)

Born under evil signs – gotta curse on your life.
It’s two minutes to midnight – do you want to die?
The henges, awaiting, in shadows and light,
Druid’s runes. Enchanting maidens beckon and smile.



Facing your inner monsters – between life and death.
Repulsive bodies – baleful the stench of their breath.
Clammy, you lie there – more dead than alive.
The Beltane – day breaking – to your closing eyes./final sigh.



©30.4.2014 Andrew Robert Chapman

Naked virgins, yearnings, for otherworldly rites.
Yearning virgins, thirsting, the Cerne Giant tonight.
Dancing virgins, twirling, their supernatural rite.
Naked virgins, steeling, for otherworldly rites.

Necromancers. The supernatural.
Seize your mind with a panic attack.
Elemantals. Keltic legends.
Welcome to Walpurgisnacht.

Druids incant. Enchanting maidens beckon and smile.

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